VIVALDI, A. et al.: VI Concerti a cinque stromenti a violino principale, violino primo, violino seconde, alto viola, organo e violoncello di alcuni famosi meaestri comme di Angello Maria Scaccia, Francesco Maria Veracini, Antonio Vivaldi, Bernardo Polazzo e Giuseppe Tartini. Libro secondo. 7 vols. Amsterdam G. F. Witvogel (PlattenNr. 48) [1736] Folio. 31; 21; 25; 17; 17; 17; 5 S. Collector's stamp on back end paper. 21/02 Half leather of the 19th century with marbled colored paper. Spine partially broken. Corners and edges scuffed.

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  • Outstanding rarity and only source of origin! The manusscripts of the two Vivaldi concertos are lost Worldwide in libraries only one other copy traceable for us. First edition of extreme rarity. For us only one other copy tracable in lirbraries worldwide and no other copy traceable in the trade since 1928! This important anthology contains the following concertos for strings: I. Scaccia: Concerto in G major II. Veracini: Concerto in B-flat major (see The new Grove, S. 422) III. Vivaldi: Concerto in C major (Ryom RV 179) IV. Polazzo: Concerto in D major V. Tartini: Concerto in C major (Dounias no.1) VI. Vivaldi: Concerto in D major (double concerto), Ryom RV 513 All publications by G. F. Witvogel are extremely rare and many are lost, such as the "Libro primo" of this collection, which is not even listed in RISM. Of the two Vivaldi concertos, the manuscript is lost, so this print, which appeared during the composer's lifetime, is the only source for these concertos! Peter Ryom does not list any other edition in the Vivaldi catalog raisonné. RISM and Ryom list only one copy: Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. - RISM Recueils imprimés XVIIIe Siècle S. 144; P. Ryom, RV 179 und RV 513.
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