REGER, Max [1873-1916]: Autograph letter with place, date and signature. Meiningen, 28.I.1912. Large Octavo 22 x 14cm. 5 pages.

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  • Reger fights for adequate payment Impressive five-page letter to a concert agent about fee demands. Originally in german, translated: "... I give you below the fees: for 1 concert of the Meininger Hofkapelle under my direction 2000 M; if there are several directly after each other, a reduction to 1800 M can occur; of course, the Meininger Hofkapelle cannot travel from Meiningen to Berlin for 2000 M, play there and then travel home again; tours are always the only right thing to do ... . Now, however, it is very important to me to work also as a guest conductor with foreign orchestras ... also as a conductor - i.e. guest conductor, at subscription concerts ... ". He is available as a pianist for chamber music evenings; he suggests Carl Friedberg, Gustav Havemann, Leonid Kreutzer and Alexander Schmuller, among others, as participants. " ... As far as the program of these chamber music evenings or the "2 piano evenings" is concerned, it is self-evident that I play not only Reger, but also all other serious literature ... . Concerning the evenings with 2 pianos I still ask you ... Philipp Wolfrum in Heidelberg. ...". - Shortly before Reger had taken up the position as Court Kapellmeister in Meiningen on December 1, 1911, he undertook a Bach tour "on two pianos" with Philipp Wolfrum.
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