HAUER, Josef Matthias [1893-1959]: Autograph music manuscript

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  • Very nice and rare music manuscript with 42 bars in Hauer's twelve-tone notation with 8 lines per stave and the identification of the voice leading by four colored staff lines, the first voice in blue, the second in green, the third in red and the fourth in orange. In this way, he attempts to provide insight into the four-part polyphonic texture of the four-part piano movement. In 1954, the same year of the present composition, Hauer was awarded the title of Professor of the City of Vienna for his special work. Hauer combined his melodious twelve-tone music with a mystical-esoteric worldview. His central concepts include melos, understood as atonal music, and rhythm, understood as tonal music. Hauer, who composed only "twelve-tone pieces" after 1939, pursued the goal of a lawful, objectified and depersonalized art. He had already found a way to open up chromatic totality before the twenties - even before Schönberg. His final consequence from this discovery was radical: he no longer wanted to be considered a composer, but simply a musician, a twelve-tone player. His manifesto of March 25, 1956: "To compose a twelve-tone piece is child's fun, if one learns the twelve-tone notation, to perform it correctly (re-creative!) is not easy, but to hear it is difficult, requires education!"
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