MEDIEVAL MUSIC MANUSCRIPT - MITTELALTERLICHE NOTENHANDSCHRIFT - NEUMES - HUFNAGEL - QUADRAT - NOTEN: Medieval manuscript Graduale on vellum inscribed on both sides and illustrated with two minatures. Northern Italy, around 1500. Folio 56 x 40 cm. In total 10 staves and two miniatures on vellum.

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  • This reprensentative vellum leaf is excellently preserved and decorated with a magnificent multicolored tedril initial of 8 x 7 cm heightened with rich gold leaf. The ornamental tendrils of the miniature take up again the strawberries in the center of the minuature as design elements. The introit antiphon on the upper left "Lex domini irreprehensibilis" is notated in black ink. The music is notated in C clef in a four line stave system. On the verso of the leaf is a communioantiphon "Tu domine servabis" notated. This antiphon is also decorated with a somewhat simpler initial (7 x 7 cm) in polychrome ink, designed with filigree geometric patterns.
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