STRAUSS, Johann [Sohn] [1825-1899]: Autograph letter with date and signature. No place [Schönau], no year, 22. Juli [1885]. 3,5 pages on doubleleaf.

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  • Deep appreciation for the librettist of the "Zigeunerbaron". Unprinted and very personal, whimsical letter from the "Waltz King" to his librettist, according to our research, most likely to Ignaz Schnitzer, the librettist of the "Gypsy Baron." In early 1885, Strauss had offered Schnitzer Du-Wort. "The two understood each other at first recorded, also Schnitzer's wife was included, as it were, in the circle of friends" (Briefe und Dokumente, ed. by Franz Mailer, Vol. III, p. 281 - In this 10-volume letter edition the letter is not listed). The present letter fits from its content, friendly words and also because of the conclusion of the letter into the correpondence with Schnitzer from July 1885, when Strauss was quite enthusiastic about his librettist. "Dear friend! A thousand thanks for your great kindness, which you have shown to yours truly on so many occasions. You coddle me; no wonder if I become arrogant. You have it on your conscience then!!! Your verses are awake and generally delight! Only I don't deserve it that you dip my pen in half, that is a waste. You must be put under curatorship! Hopefully I will see you and your lovely wife Gemalin quite soon with us..." Transcription of the complete letter is available.
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