REGER, Max [1873-1916]: Autograph letter with date and signature.. Leipzig,, 7. April 1907. Large Oktavo 22,5 x 14,5cm. 3 pages. Punched.

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  • Curiosity: Reger's passion for cigarillos Request letter to an acquaintance in Hamburg to help him buy a certain kind of cigarillos. Orignially in german, translated: "I enclose the tin box in which these cigarillos (not cigarettes) were packed ...." - "As you will see from the above address, I have moved from Munich to Leipzig, Felixstr. 4 II u. I have accepted the position here as university music director and as head of a master class for composition at the local royal conservatory...". - Reger remained in Leipzig until 1911.
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