MEDIEVAL MUSIC MANUSCRIPT - MITTELALTERLICHE NOTENHANDSCHRIFT - NEUMES - HUFNAGEL - QUADRAT - NOTEN: Medieval neumes music manuscript. Missale fragment on vellum. Manoscritto musicale medievale Missale Frammento in neumi. Hufnagel Noten. Germany, Early 14th Century. Folio 29.5 x 21.3 cm, inscribed in two columns with a total of 19 staves, 6 colored initials in red and blue, green and black. Some small holes without relevant loss of text, inconspicuous tear in the lower half of the leaf.

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  • So-called Germanic choral dialect with correspondences to the Thomas-Graduale. Contents: texts of the priest and chorale of the schola. Recto: SundaySexagesima: Tractusvers, Evangelium, Offertorium. Verso: end of Offertorium, Secreta, Communio, Postcommunio. Sunday Quinquagesima: Introitus, Oratio, Lectio.
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