MEDIEVAL MUSIC MANUSCRIPT - MITTELALTERLICHE NOTENHANDSCHRIFT - NEUMES - HUFNAGEL - QUADRAT - NOTEN: Medieval neumes music manuscript. Missale fragment on vellum. Manoscritto musicale medievale Missale Frammento in neumi. Hufnagel Noten. Germany, 14th century, Folio 32,5 x 18,5 x 24 cm, iIlluminated vellum leaf, some small holes without relevant loss of text, outer margin trimmed with some loss of text.

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  • The well-preserved medieval manuscript from a 14th century German Missal is written in two columns of 8.5 cm each, with chants inserted. The complete left column contains the Gradual for Ceremony on Tuesday of the first week in pre-Easter Lent. The offertory and communion are reproduced in the outer column. The simpler small initials are in black-red and red-blue, respectively. A small initial with very filigree vine work decorates the beginning of the reading. Beautiful horseshoe nail script on four lines. 'C' and 'F' line are marked in yellow and red respectively.
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