MEDIEVAL MUSIC MANUSCRIPT - MITTELALTERLICHE NOTENHANDSCHRIFT - NEUMES - HUFNAGEL - QUADRAT - NOTEN: Illuminated medieval manuscript 14th century on vellum inscribed on both sides. Germany, ca 1400. Folio 32 x 24 cm, iIlluminated vellum leaf, small missing part at the upper right margin artfully repaired.

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  • The very well preserved medieval manuscript on vellum shows on 12 staves in horseshoe nail script notated chants of the Epiphany. The sequence "Festa christi omnis christianitas" is in the center and is decorated with a gold heightened initial "F" (4 x 4.5 cm). Beginnings of verses are marked with blue or red-silver initials. One big initial in gold and red. The notation in brownish ink on 5 lines is easily legible. "C" and "F" line or in the first systems the "G" line are provided with keys.
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