MEDIEVAL MUSIC MANUSCRIPT - MITTELALTERLICHE NOTENHANDSCHRIFT - NEUMES - HUFNAGEL - QUADRAT - NOTEN: Medieval music manuscript. Mittelalterliche Notenhandschrift. Missale Manuale Graduale fragment on vellum. Manoscritto musicale medievale Missale Graduale Frammento. 15th century. Folio 28,5 x 33 cm. Vellum leaf written on both sides in two columns. Fragment cut from a larger sheet; some sections obliterated by moisture, some holes, in one place with insignificant loss of text.

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  • Large fragment of a two-column late medieval music manuscript. Two blue-red initials (5 x 3 cm) in schematic execution. Choral notation in brownish ink on five red lines with C clef.
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